“Without a Beginning and With no End” – the expression of the wind

“Without a Beginning and With no End” – the expression of the wind

Letting the wind draw based on its own will is an interesting adventure. The wind delivers the momentary mood and feelings of the whole atmosphere around us. Capturing these expressions with a winddrawing sculpture, we can get a message from the environment around us.


The winddrawing sculpture was created by the idea of by Nyland. She was wandering about on the beach in Australia in 2011, where she saw a branch drawing lines in the sand. Why not let the wind create its own masterpiece? So the idea of the winddrawer was born.

With Denis Beale on her side, they started to think about a form of sculpture that lets wind going through from any direction, so it can move the charcoal around on sheet of paper somehow. They made several prototypes before reaching the final form.

First, they used branches knot together, as a frame. A big paper flag on the top could catch the wind, so it could move the charcoal hanging in the bottom. The main idea stayed, but got different implementation.

The tried a cylinder shape as well, with four flags on the top. The charcoal had less ability to move because of the wire materiel it hanged on.

Then, they changed to a round metal frame. On the 3 pier they could tie the stick that had the coil at the end, creating a big pencil. They used a sun-shaped flag to move this pencil.

Trying to move the charcoal even more, and easier by the wind, they turned to a higher frame, so they could lengthen the hanging part, ensuring more mobility. They changed the material too, it became much more flexible and springy. So, after the flag catches the wind, it can move horizontally and vertically as well, changing the impact if the coil on the paper, too. This brought much more ability to express the dace of the wind.

You can find the brilliant masterpieces of the wind here. Learn more about their campaign, and see the funding-rewards here.

You can support this project and join the them at: https://goo.gl/vwfFGH