Why Should Football Be Encouraged In Schools?

When it comes to schools and the academic curriculum only studying textbooks is not enough. Children should actively participate in sports. This gives them both mental and physical exercise. One of the most popular sports in the world is football. This team game has the ability to give students much more than physical and mental exercise. It will help them to develop into balanced and responsible individuals with success.

How can students benefit with football?

Joe Chiavaroli is a lover of football and he never misses matches between his favorite teams in the USA. He says that football is an affordable sport that everyone can play. Unlike cricket and hockey, you do not have to invest in expensive bats and equipment. A football and players are required. It is easy for you to practice and play football. This means that children from all families and backgrounds can practice playing football at any time. The only thing they need is a ball.

  • What can kids learn from football?

He says that when it comes to football, children learn the skills of playing together in a team. They learn that the success of the game is interdependent on one another. When they learn the skills of football, they learn the art of co-ordination. The losses and victories are shared together. The team rejoices when they win and share the sorrow when they fail to perform and lose a match he says. Team skills are nurtured in young players. They also make friends and their social skills are enhanced as well says Joe Chiavaroli .

  • Making decisions

One of the most important life skills that children learn is the art of decision making. Yes, when they play football they learn to make independent choices. Some of these choices are good and some are bad. However, children learn from the mistakes they make. They work on their weaknesses and reinforce their strengths that they discover in this unique process of decision making.

  • Healthy mental and physical exercise leads to good lifestyle habits

Thanks to the mental and physical exercises that players undergo during football practice and matches, young children learn how to develop healthy habits from a very young age. This is why you will hardly find them with addiction problems unlike those that are not involved in any kind of sport at all. The kids who play football from a very young age are able to establish and build long standing relationships in their lives. Some become inspiring role models for others to emulate and follow.

Joe Chiavaroli says that football is one of the most popular and well-loved sports in the world. When you introduce your kids to the sport you are doing them a lifestyle favor. You effectively are able to give them a healthy and fit lifestyle from a young age. Kids that play football can grow up and become responsible citizens. This is why schools and parents are encouraged to allow their kids to play football so that they grow up to be well-balanced and responsible adults!