Transform Your Interiors with These 7 Industrial Inspired Designs

With an emphasis on the unfinished yet polished look, an increasing number of owners of Montreal condos want industrial-inspired interiors in their abodes.  Its popularity can be attributed to the no-frills, no-hassles preference many people living in the city want for their living spaces.  In addition, you don’t even have to spend thousands of dollars to transform your interiors into industrial-inspired spaces.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

Industrial Inspired Designs

#1 Expose the Mechanical Details

One of the principles of industrial-inspired interior design is displaying the mechanical workings of decorative items including lighting. The appeal lies in the industrial details, as is the case with pulley-inspired lighting and accordion lighting sconces, which highlight the modern functionality and raw beauty of these fixtures.

#2 Use Rustic Metal

Instead of shiny metal, you have the option of using rustic metal including brushed copper, nickel and cast iron in your interiors. The result is a more organic yet industrial appeal that works well in contemporary places.  You can install furniture and fixtures with elements of rustic metal in them, especially when these already have a beautiful patina for a more authentic look.

#3 Mix the Old with the New

One of the key traits of industrial-inspired interior design is mixing and matching of the old and new in either complementary or contrasting ways. For example, you can combine modern stainless steel appliances and integrated cabinetry with recycled metal handles from abandoned factories.  Add pendant lighting with Edison-style filaments for a retro-industrial look.

#4 Go for Bold Artwork

Industrial-inspired interior design does not have to be stark either. Owners of Montreal condos can bring in bright and bold architectural details as accents, such as an exposed brick wall in contrasting texture, graphic mural on a wall, or a large abstract painting on one side. You can be as flamboyant with your artwork as you want since the rest of the interiors are already minimalistic.

#5 Use Concrete Creatively

Concrete is an affordable material that can be used in several creative ways for industrial interiors.  You can reface accent walls and fireplaces with concrete, which can range in surface shine from high gloss to matte, even unfinished. You can use concrete on several surfaces, too, including floors, sinks, bathtubs, and countertops.

#6 Talk Furniture

Why limit yourself to your home’s surfaces? Look at industrial-style furniture and furnishings with a vintage appeal, which can be bought in garage sales, estate sales, and recycling shops, among others.  Choose pieces that have an earthy modern look wherein metal and wood combine in a unique design.

#7 Expose Pipes and Ducts

Instead of concealing the pipes and ducts in your home, you can make them a focal point of the interiors – expose them in all their glory. You will not only save money but doing so also adds a unique character to your home, a style that works best in all-white spaces since the metal sharply contrasts with the brightness of white.