Tips to Improvise your Speed Training Program

Coaches are often worried about making the players speed training program more efficient. Here are top keeps to enhance the efficiency of any speed training program:


  • Try to educate the athlete first

If your athletes don’t know the importance of a speed training drill, then they might consider it a punishment or torture. Thus, you need to explain the purpose of the program and its impact on their performance. Ultimately, rather than looking like a burden, it will motivate them to perform better.

  • Concentrate on mechanics

Permit your athletes to perform speed training drills with faulty motion patterns just like a gold pro sees his trainee hit one ball after the other will stupid flaws but never gives any feedback. Your athletes should focus on their movement and it is up to you to train them the basic sports concept like running, jumping, shuffling, cutting, pivoting and more.

  • Focus on quality rather than quantity

Make sure the goal of speed is to improvise agility and speed, not aerobic fitness. Make working hours short and resting hours longer so that the athlete can focus completely on the drill. It is the nervous system that has to learn to work efficiently. If the athletes aren’t at ease, mechanics will disintegrate!

  • Specificity of the sport

The speed training should be according to the program to which the athlete belongs. Cutting and sprinting can be used for any sport but there are specific skills too which include backpedaling, cross over running, faking, stopping, shuffling, spinning, pivoting and more.

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