Tips for Fitness and Achieving Weight Loss

It’s hard to regain what you have lost once. In case of health it is 100 percent true. The young boys and girls are so much obsessed about their appearance that girls start starving themselves to get size zero and that ultra slim look carried by models and icons. And guys are always trying hard to look attractive.

To achieve that sexy, attractive body you need to work out for only 15 minutes a day. Distribute days in the week, as first 3 days for upper body workout, 3 days for lower body and the last day for a whole-body workout. It will help in building muscle tissues and would increase the calorie burning rate. For the most effective upper body workout use weights instead of using machines only. Use elastic bands and your own body weight as a tool during your resistance training.


Increase stamina and endurance by using stairs instead of escalators and take a brisk walk whenever get a chance. Do stretching and rotations of the major bone joints to regain energy and zeal to work again while at the work place even.

Move should be your mantra as the key to fitness is to stay active all the time. Use stairs instead of lifts, walk down to the nearest markets when required instead of commuting in a vehicle. A 45-50 minutes session in gym can easily be substituted by a 50 minutes long aerobic session which you can do in your home also. You can also check out the best exercises for burning the lower belly fat in the video here

Here are the few other ways to get a flatter stomach. Take 30 minutes of walk after every meal. Never have dinner late in the night. If you are busy with your business, then adjust yourselves with the fruit salad or a roti. If you have any problems with the bowel, go and consult the doctor and make sure that it gets cured in the shortest period of time. Dieticians tell us to have caveman diet. Caveman diet includes all raw food which is of no oil at all and doing exercises to maintain the body fitness.

Never skip your breakfast as it is most important in the part of the day. Prepare a timetable on Sunday on what to eat for the entire week. Plan and take the food according to the time table.