The Portable Smoke Detector Project

You’re in a hotel room, sleeping away when fire breaks out. While you may have a smoking alarm system installed in most places, you may not be as lucky always. Or perhaps, there is an increasing amount of carbon monoxide. This is where a portable smoke and carbon monoxide detector can help. This Kickstarter project develops on this novel concept.


What is the project about?

The need for a carbon monoxide and smoke detector is felt every day in the market. There is a large population that sleeps outside home for business or pleasure related work. The places are ideally equipped with smoke detectors but it is best to stay safe with own equipments. The carbon monoxide produced by cooking and heating equipments when not in order could be a problem and not most places are equipped with equipments to catch that. The SleepSentinel thus gives a great relief to the users when staying away from home.

What does it do?

SleepSentinels is a great alarm which is personal and provide an alert when one is not at a familiar place. The well designed machine can be carried at all places all the time to provide support. It is portable and carrying it around while travelling is not a problem. The on and off button should be used to during flights or scanning so that it does not hamper with travel. There are 2AA batteries which works for good 3-6 month, thus the traveller does not have to worry about running out of power.

The Benefits

The machine is self-indicative with a green light when in working condition – which shows that that the machine is working fine. Also, the weight of the machine is light – around 200 grams – adding further to travelling comfort. SleepSentinels is a well thought after product, it just needs certification to become the preferred choice of travelers.

You can pledge as little as one pound to receive a mention on their website as a backer. Higher amounts of pledge mean more rewards.

You can support this project and join them at: