The optimists creed and fractal art

From the arts and theater perspective, Indiegogo is a group that is coming up and rising to the occasion to support new talent in the writing and film production industry mostly focusing on the classic plays. The strong able team is made up of a group of very dedicated, talented and ambitious actors and creative people who are very professional and qualified in their field who are currently working with the big names such as Finborough, Everyman Playhouse not forgetting Curve Leicester.


It is a fact that creating a successful career in the entertainment industry which is nowadays very competitive is not a walk in the park. However, Indiegogo rose up and took a risk which is now paying off a little considering that not all their goals and objectives have been met. A lot of effort has been undertaken by Indiegogo in regard to this. They are looking forward to the big festival that is going down in Edinburgh which is a great opportunity and will lead to exposure to 15 of some of their best actors and film producers.

One of their projects that they are working on is ‘The Norman Conquests’. This is a classic comedy that will be showcased at the Edinburgh Festival. The main writer of the play is the one Alan Ayckbourn.Another great paly that will be launched during the festival is ‘The Dolphin Hotel’ written by Sam O’Rourke who is also associated with the great show Everyman Playhouse.

So far, Indiegogo has managed to save up for their projects and pay for the performance rights which cost over £5000.However, the funds have not been sufficient to cover up for all the needs with some not attended to such as accommodation and costumes for the actors. They really need help especially contributions for that.

Challenges have been faced during the implementation of the project including financial constraints, a lot of competition and exhaustion. The help needed from the public by Indiegogo on the project is their generous financial contribution and awareness creation on social media.

You can support this project and join them at: