The Key Functions of Church

A Christian church should have a healthy ambiance and must take care of its widespread services. Many churches are found very much caring to some events and activities whereas it should maintain an appropriate balance of its basic services and functions. As per opinion of the steward and head pastor of  Westside Family Church that Church is an idea of god.

In basic sense, Church talks about ‘assembly’ which is the boon of developing relationship among its members. Jesus Christ has instructed all his disciples to work in team. Team builds togetherness, creates association, boosts coordination and helps in completing tasks for which you are here. It is the responsibility of the organizers of the Church to ensure that scheduled sessions are organized and services are made. Some of the basic functions of a Church are as follows:


The basic function of a church is assembly and worshipping for the Lord Jesus Christ. All that we do, how we should do and what to do all comes from the worship session. Often a worship session turn into a general routine course, may be due to work pressure and the attention of worshippers is hampered.

Keep in mind, whatsoever pressure, stress, mental grief you have, when you get into the assembly, pray for God with full attention. Call him with your entire feel, adore, esteem and love. Don’t worry, he is your creator and he will show you the right ways and will accompany in your intense work sessions. Motivation, strength and esteem during worship offer you the mental strength to stay rigid and get activated


For every Christian’s sharing Christ, feeling Christ and loving Christ in combination is a must, and that should be from the core of your heart. The preachers of the Church should make people understand about the messages of gospel. Evangelism program should be well planned and must be organized with full devotion.


The Lord Jesus Christ wanted that the church should be a ‘house of prayer’. He recommended his followers to value the result of gathering. This provides physical and mental strength, and engages you in spiritual activities.


Without discipline nothing is possible. Disciples must undergo all activities and sessions with full discipline and organization. Strong evangelism but disorganized or lack of discipline cannot make you reach the Lord. Churches must be caring enough when it comes to discipline.


God made every human being to become social creatures. This requires us interacting with fellow members, share social matters with others. A person’s social being is a separate identity and it is the success of a pastor or the disciples to ensure that members and community people are motivated to be socialize. This is the first criterion to being in social reformation and to follow the instructions of God.

Ministry and Missions

Most significantly, looking beyond ourselves and devote us in activities for others who are in need is the whole idea of Church missions. Westside Family Church Lenexa KS has been engaged in varieties of social welfare activities, fundraising programs to help the deprived and poor community people. These collections and funds must be used in philanthropy.