The Demon Women From Outer Space Project

For all those science fiction lovers, there is a great story idea which is doing the rounds lately. The name of the story is Demon Women from outer Space and the idea belongs to Gregory DeGraffenreid. This film is going to prove apt for all people interested in mysteries, physical fitness and science fiction movies.

Demon Women

What is the storyline?

The basic story is that an alien abducts a physical fitness instructor named Beatrice and the alien starts transmitting his own self through the instructor and starts living her life as his own. Beatrice’s behaviour changes and this does not go unnoticed by family and friends and also her fiancé Peter Garland. Her fiancé starts spying on her to find out the truth but is unable to warn people about it as all those who could be informed have already been taken over by aliens!

With a talented and professional team working really hard behind the science fiction movie, interested people can view all the relative information associated with it. Some of the major aspects and creative parts of this movie are mentioned below:

  1. Storyboard and concept art creation, designing of the set along with costume visuals.
  2. Developing the action concept where cameraman, visual effects team and stunt co-ordinators will be required.
  3. Top level casting directors who can cast renowned actresses for the roles.
  4. Script breakdown
  5. Legal costs
  6. Initial location scouting to decide on final locations

This movie could bring about a revolution in the world of science fictions and give the viewers a truly wonderful experience of watching a great film!

What do you get?

You can pledge as little as $3 and get a Special Thank You tweet, straight from the director. If you can pledge around $150, you would get a limited edition t-shirt, and for $200, you get a Demon From Outer Space package that you would absolutely love.

You can support this project and join them at: