The Contribution To The Rise Of The Estée Lauder Company

Bill Lauder is one of the most popular American businessmen in the cosmetic industry today. He has introduced many innovative changes to the face of the Estée Lauder Company. This beauty care and cosmetic company commenced its humble beginnings in 1946. This company was founded by Bill Lauder’s grandmother, Mrs. Estée Lauder. Both of Bill Lauder’s parents Evelyn and Leonard Lauder were actively involved with the development of the Company and its products. Bill Lauder’s involvement in the company began in 1986. Born in 1960, Bill Lauder  graduated from The Wharton School in 1983 under the University of Pennsylvania.

In the initial stages way back in 1946, the company produced just four products. They were The Crème Pack, The Skin Lotion and Cleansing Oil and Super Rich All Purpose Crème. The success of these four products leads to the establishment of the first departmental store of The Estee Lauder Company in New York within two years. This store was located at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Within a period of fifteen years the company expanded their product range to include skin care, hair care and make up items. These products were sold across the length and breath of the United States. The success of these products helped the company to establish an international account in London at Harrods. This was a major achievement for the company. A couple of years later, the Company were able to open an office in Hong Kong too.

The Estee Lauder Company went on to create the Aramis Inc. in 1964. This brand was designed by Arame Yeranyan. The fragrance was named after the Armenian city Yeremes. The company soon began manufacturing grooming products for men. In 1967, Mrs. Estée Lauder was named one of America’s Top Ten Outstanding Women in Business by America’s prominent business and financial editors.

The popularity of Mrs. Estée Lauder’s company began to grow rapidly. Soon Bill Lauder  joined the company to manage and oversee the retail operations of the company.  He played a crucial role in enhancing and expanding the company’s global presence. His exemplary leadership and managerial skill led to the creation of innovative online activities of the company to keep customers engaged.

He was the man behind the concept of a store within a store. The popularity of this concept spread immensely in America and the rest of the world. He was instrumental in devising many successful marketing campaigns and this lead to further development of the company. Bill Lauder’s exceptional leadership skills and business acumen earned the respect of his employees as well as his contemporaries in the beauty and cosmetic industry in the USA!