Talking To Your Kids About Getting a Pet

Most children begin to take an interest in pets at a fairly young age. They get excited about all the things they could do with this new bundle of joy. On the other hand, parents are usually a little hesitant because they often consider the time and responsibility of caring for an animal.

However, allowing your children to own a pet can be a good idea because it teaches children the value of responsibility. It also teaches the essential need to care for something that can’t care for itself.

All any parent needs to do is highlight the responsibility required to care for a pet, in addition to all the fun a pet will bring to the home.

The Responsibility Talk

Once you’ve decided to allow your children to have a pet it’s important to sit down with them and discuss the importance of properly caring for the pet. Gently talk to them about what will be expected on a daily basis. In addition, make sure that you are honest with your children regarding how their pet will be negatively affected if they are not properly cared for.

Show & Tell

Once you’ve had a discussion about expectations, demonstrate what activities the children should perform on a daily basis. Refill the water and clean out their cage, if they have one. As you go about performing these duties explain how each task should be accomplished and why it’s important. Let your children ask you questions about how and why things should be done a certain way.

Walk Them Through It

Once you’ve talked about your expectations and demonstrated them, let them try to do the tasks on their own. Stay near so that you can gently guide them in case they forget what to do. The first few times they care for their pet make sure that you are close by to help.

Allowing your children to have a pet is one of the best ways to begin the process of teaching responsibility. Choose a low-maintenance animal as the child’s first per. This prevents overwhelm and frustration on the part of the children.

Allow your children to ask as many questions as they need to. The idea is to make sure that they are clear about how to care for their new pet. Best of all, caring for a new pet doesn’t have to be complicated. The children won’t have to learn anything about micro captives in order to care for them.

Getting a new pet is exciting for the whole family. Use this exciting time as an opportunity to teach responsibility. Have an open ended conversation and discuss expectations. After that, give your children an opportunity to begin caring for their new pet.