Support A Kickstarter That Will Make People Laugh

If you are a big fan of comedy shows, and if you are interested in people poking some fun at politics, then you will be sure to love this new comedy news TV show. This show is running a kickstarter to help it come to be, and if you feel that it is something that you would like to watch, then you should go ahead and get behind it. The ones who have created this show know all about being funny, and the stuff that they do and the things that they say will leave you laughing for days.


There is so much that is not at all humorous in this world, and that is why something like this is so needed. This comedy news show is something great, and you are going to be happy to be one of the people to get behind it and make it happen. It will make you feel good to know that you had a part in making this show a reality. Everyone needs a bit of humor in their lives, and this show is just the thing to get people laughing. It will help them to forget the stresses of everyday life and to just relax for a bit.

So, why not go ahead and give this the chance to take off and become something great for everyone? When you see this new comedy TV show you will love it. You will want to watch it and share it with all of your friends, and you can help it to take off to reach all of your friends by supporting it right now. The world needs more joy like what is offered from this new series. You will have a ton of fun as you are watching it, and so will all of your friends.

You can support this project and join them at: