Recording Court Notes

If you like the criminal justice atmosphere, then consider being a court reporter. Your day will likely be different every time you’re in the court room as there are various cases tried during the week. You could be in the room with a trial related to a robbery one day and a murder the next. No matter what kind of trial that takes place, the information needs to be recorded.


There are court reporting Tucson AZ job openings as well as classes that are offered for those who can pay attention to details and who can make sure that everything that is said is recorded properly.

The day usually begins by entering the court room and looking at the docket to see how many cases will be heard. This can be a benefit so that you know how busy you will be and how many breaks might be taken during the day. There are programs that you can use to record everything properly, allowing you to go back at a later time to type everything that was said word for word.

Most reporters use a stenography machine of some type. There are symbols and letters on the machine that make it easier to type words at a faster pace than by simply using a laptop or a typewriter.

Before entering the court room, you will practice on a machine in school or at home. This will give you an idea as to how to listen to what is said by the judge, the attorneys and the people who are involved with the trial. You need to accurately capture every word that is said instead of simply paraphrasing.

The reports that you make will be used by the judge and other court officials later on to note the sentence that was given in court and what was said during a testimony. It’s the only way that others will know what takes place during a trial days, months and even years from when the trial took place, making the job of a court reporter very important to the criminal justice system compared to some of the other court occupations.