Passion & Possession For Football

No other sport in the world can match the popularity and passion that football excites among the spectators and the participants alike. People who play this sport on a regular basis and those trying to learn the sport appreciate that in spite of being a simple game of kicking the ball into the goal, this sport is difficult to play. Both male and female spectators and players enjoy this sport regardless of their age and physical state. Unlike other sports, football is accessible to everyone irrespective of his/her socio-economic conditions because all you need is a football. However, many people in society are unaware of the positive life skills children and adolescents can learn while playing this wonderful sport.


Many ardent football fans like Jonathan Bunge are going the extra mile in advocating the health benefits and positive life skill that children and adolescents while playing this sport. Jonathan Bunge is from Cleveland Ohio and is passionate about the sport, which his father introduced to as a child. In spite of being a professional in the transport industry and having to travel to distant places to deliver goods, he still finds time to indulge in his passion for football, tattoos and his experiences on the road in his blog posts. It is through these blog posts that Mr. Bunge educates children and their parents alike on the positive life skills that young people from the sport along with its inherent health benefits.

Jonathan Bunge emphasizes that at time when obesity among children and adolescents is becoming a major cause for concern, learning football help these young people realize the importance of daily exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Football is a game that includes both aerobic and anaerobic exercises, which children and adolescents need to master to maintain a high level of fitness that the sport requires. This level of fitness helps these young people maintain a healthy body weight. Playing football on a regularly assists these young children to maintain a healthy heart and lungs along with building strong muscle strength and enhancing their energy levels.

According to Jonathan Bunge, playing football regularly is beneficial for adolescents who have trouble control their emotions as football releases the stress from them and helps them calm down. This is the reason why school authorities and parents should encourage such children and teenagers to play football. Apart from this, football is a team game that connects all the players to win or lose as a team. This encourages each member of the team to coordinate with each other in a cohesive unit in spite of the fact that there might be one or two exceptional players.

Each team member gets to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of their fellow team members and compensates for them, as they play as a cohesive unit against their opponent team in this highly competitive sport. This fosters team spirit, confidence, togetherness and cooperation among the young children and adolescents. This goes a long way in developing mature, balanced, cooperative and supportive members of society who are ready to face the challenges in life.

Jonathan Bunge is among the few ardent football fans who is on their mission to encourage this wonderful sport among the next generation.