New Film Will Challenge the Way that the Viewer Thinks

When someone sits down to watch a movie, there are some who are simply looking for entertainment and to have fun while watching that movie and there are others who are looking to gain something from the movie and to grow during the viewing experience.

There is a new movie that is being put out that challenges the viewer to think about life and about issues. This new movie is titled “Ere” and it is a drama that is filled with interesting questions and emotion. This new movie is a home video that was shot and put together for those who are interested in seeing it.


Ere is a fully subtitled movie from Africa, and it tells the story of something that took place in Nigeria. This movie shares the story of individuals who are pushed together while stranded and the way that they must face each day together. Those who watch this movie will find that it is detailed in all that it offers and in the story that it gives out.

Those who watch this movie will find that parts of it are funny and enjoyable in that way. Those who watch this movie will find that it is emotional and special. This movie is something that is fresh and different, and there should be more movies out there that have something new to offer.

The movie Ere is something that movie lovers will find refreshingly different, and it is something that those who are diehard movie fans do not want to miss. Those who would like to help get this movie out and available to the public can help out by participating in the Kickstarter campaign that is available. Those who want to push this movie to greatness can do so by giving to the cause and helping out.

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