This is an interesting project begun by Eric Chapman. The project is the artistic nautical coffee table photobook, he will be able to express his ideas and creativity in this book. He guarantees creativity, edgy, artistic skills and controversy. N A U T I will be a 75-100 pages of book. The photobook is meant to be of high quality, it will be matte finished and thick, it will be size 9 by 12 inch.


This book is able to express the nautical life in the most fashionable way. The art style is authentic, worked on by Eric Chapman and it will definitely make you curious. It will be a perfect addition to your art or room décor. The photobook will include the following: 15% artistic models with scenic location such as Martha’s Vineyard, Jamestown RI, Cape Cod MA, Boston MA and many more. It will also have a 10% original paintings and 5% custom nautical graphic patterns.

It has always been his dream to be able to share his work with the rest of the world. Looking at his art work I might say he is a talented man.

For his idea to come to reality, he need to raise an amount of money. He is reaching out to the community to be able to achieve his goals. He has 25 days to raise 12,750 dollars. This money is the budgeted money needed to publish the book. There is reward in case you pledge. The pledge comes with gifts such as getting to know the update of the book process, thank you post card or a video message, you may also get a launch invitation or the book itself. This is a dream that he is ready to take a risk for. Thanks to you, you can turn Eric Chapman’s dream to reality.

You can join or support them at: https://goo.gl/ecfttJ