Manage your Employees Arrival and Departure in a Simpler Way

For those who have got tired of managing their employees working hours, then you don’t have to worry any longer. Emplotime is a reliable simple to use and a well-designed technique which works in the cloud.

It simply means that the employees need to sign in and sign out from a device set by the company’s reception for their arrival and departure info. So, now you no longer need to spend a fortune on the bulky and inefficient hard time clock.


With easy to access info and a good administration page, the web based tracking system is easy to use with a simple log in page and manages tasks like attendance of the employees, daily transactions, printing of reports and more.

The best part is that pages get updated from time to time as and when the employee clocks in and clocks out. Emplotime comes decked with a number of specs which comprises of Paid Time Off Management, Daily and Weekly Overtime etc. You can easily time clock it on any tablet or PC you want.

You can enjoy the benefits of this technology at amazing low rates. It is one of the amazing and least costly solutions for business owners who are tired of keeping an account of their attendants.

Make your notes, get export reports, know the geoposition of your employees, enjoy the facility of multiple punching as well as break deduction. Not only this, you can also manage UTO and PTO, unlimited clocking and 24 x 7 support. This amazing employee tracking solution is just the right choice for business companies whether small scale or big.

See the online demo and go for it. With so much of competition, you certainly don’t wish to waste your precious time in attending your employees. So, try the trial version now!