Make A List Of Tips On What To Buy In Japan

If you are planning a trip to japan then you would definitely consider something special from that place so that you can actually feel the difference of the place. Well, there are so many things that will make a good memory of japan for you but still when you go to market then you ask yourself what to buy in japan?

If you are facing same question then here I am sharing with you some tips that will help you to make a list of best things that you should buy when you go to japan.

  • Sentaro’s Monaka at Shinjuku Isetan: This is really very beautiful and also the largest department store of this place. You will realize that you would have missed really very amazing Japanese sweet.
  • Bakery buns at Shinjuku Nakamuraya: The sandwich appreciators will definitely love this sweet Japanese bakery sweet and cuisine.
  • Ken’s Cafe Tokyo: This amazing chocolate cake is a must try dish for you. This has been awarded many times for its astonishing and unique flavors.
  • Dango at Oiwake Dango Honpo: This is the kind of traditional dish which will give you the excitement of traditional taste.
  • Bell Manju Suzu at Suzukake: This is probably one of the best dishes of this place. This is not just highly delicious but it also gives really very attractive appearance that will make you gaze the dish for a while before you will try to eat it!

There are so many other dishes available and if you are want to enjoy your vacation completely then you should consider making a proper list of things on what to buy in japan. It will help you to make your trip enjoying and you will never forget this amazing experience! So what are you waiting for? Do some research, make a list and then get started!