Mailing lists – The backbone of email marketing

Internet marketing is as much about search engines and SEO as it is about email marketing and using the social media. In the days of search engines and social media, email marketing is often subdued despite its enormous power in attracting quality traffic to websites, creating leads and converting leads into sales.

email marketingArguably, email marketing is perceived by many marketing stalwarts to be more effective than the social media primarily for the reason that you have to fit your marketing plans into the scheme of things offered by the social media that is not within your control.

Regardless of the kind and size of business, email marketing can be used by all as it is a highly cost effective marketing tool that has considerable effect in generating positive results.

How email marketing works

The method of email marketing involves sending emails to share specific information related to products or services with prospective customers with the purpose of evoking a positive response from the recipient of the email. The list of members that form the group of target audience to whom emails have to be sent is known as the mailing list. Once the mailing list is available, by using special software a single email message can be transmitted simultaneously to multiple members whose email addresses are contained in the mailing list. Hundreds and thousands of emails containing the same message are sent in a single click. But mailing lists are very important as also the drafting of email which forms the content of marketing and is responsible for making or breaking a marketing campaign.

Mailing lists

Mailing lists are databases containing names, addresses and contact details of prospective customers or clients that constitute the target audience for internet marketing campaign. The lists are prepared according to different categories of industries and business. There is no single list that can be used across all industry and business segments. Mailing lists can be created in house if adequate resources of manpower and information are available or it can be purchased from companies like that develop business databases and directories. Mailing lists are the backbone of email marketing.

Buying options

Different types of mailing lists are available with each type being developed for some particular business categories. If you are in lending business and interested to provide finance for business you can select a database that can be used by lenders to identify prospective borrowers who are reliable and have good credit rating. Similarly there are databases for business that have been grouped by classification. There are other types of business databases also.

Avoid spamming

There is a misconception about email marketing that it tantamount to spamming, which is considered as a serious offence in internet marketing ethics. By making use of the opt-in email marketing, the problem of spamming can be rightly addressed. In this method, recipients who agree to receive emails from you will only be reached, thereby eliminating the possibilities of emails being treated as spam.

Proper use of mailing lists can reap rich dividends for business and give good results in internet marketing.