List of Endangered Species of Birds

With various species of birds America was once the home of birds but land development and human encroachment in wild life, thrown our birds towards the extinction. Currently, there are 91 species of birds that are in danger of extinction. Here is a list of birds that are the endangered species:

Endangered Birds

  • Golden-Cheeked Warbler

Setophaga chrysoparia is another name of Golden-Cheeked Warbler, an endangered species of bird that lives and breeds in Texas, particularly in Lampasas Cut plain, Central mineral region and around the Edwards plateau. Agriculture development, human encroachment and ranching have caused declination in the number of this smart and small birds’ habitat. Moreover, the deforestation in Central America is wiping out the remaining habitats of this bird, causing the danger of extinction of this bird.

  • California Condor

Another name in the list of endangered birds is California Condor or Gymnogyps californianus, which was once the most prolific and iconic bird of American West. This largest flying bird in North America is seriously in the situation of extinction due to the encroachment of its habitat hunting. In the year of 1980, there were only 25 birds remained. With the captive-breeding program, number of this bird increased up to 150.  However, still they are endangered species because continuous habitat destruction is not stopped.

  • Hawaiian goose or nene

Nene or Hawaiian goose is the official Hawaii state bird. It is also known as Branta sandvicensis and Hawaiian goose, was declared as the endangered species in 1967 because at that moment, only 30 birds were estimated. Human encroachment is the biggest reason of diminishing numbers of this bird. Today, the bird is protected but still at risk. Surprisingly, one of the biggest threats is errant golf balls because these birds usually nest in grassy knolls.

  • I’iwi

Scarlet Hawaiian honeycreeper is another name of I’iwi, a bird species that is in danger. Due to the habitat destruction, this bird species is under the threat of extinction. Recently, the U.S Wildlife Service decided to keep I’iwi under the federal protection. Almost 20 different types of Scarlet Hawaiian honeycreeper have gone extinct. Therefore, government finally decided to protect this endanger species of bird.

  • Kirtland’s warbler

In the list of birds under the danger of extinction is Kirtland’s warbler or Dendroica Kirtlandii. Usually, experts call it “bird of fire” because its survival finally depends on the burning native jack pine forest for nesting. In the year of 1971, only 201 pairs of birds remained. Due to habitat preservation, number of this endanger species of birds is increasing.

This is a list of birds that need proper protection and preservation to survive. To end up the danger of extinction, we all need to consider and implement some measures to protect these birds. In the watch list of endanger species of birds in America, these birds are quite important because diminishing rates of them is quite high. To lower the rate of extinction and increase preservation of birds, hunting and human encroachment must be stopped.