Learn how Shutter Speed can actually Impact the Photograph

Shutter speed, along with ISO and aperture, are the three key elements of photography. For better understanding, it is better to get familiar with several terms related to shutter camera speed. Camera shutter is a covering for your camera sensor which is kept shut till a shot is taken.

Every time your camera takes a shot, this shutter unlocks and permits the sensor to be open to the light which goes through the opening in the aperture or the camera lens. Once the sensor has grabbed the light, the shutter shuts to stop the light to strike the sensor. Shutter camera speed is the time calculated while the shutter is not closed.

A medical abstract writer, Vijaya Prakash Boggala is passionate about action and slow shutter speed photography. In the spare times, he loves to invest his time in photographing. He says that a photographer who is looking for motion-free, sharp, pictures would preferably use a short shutter. On the other hand, in order to capture more movement in the photograph slow, long shutter is used. For instance, in case of wildlife photography or sports photography, fast shutter speed is used. For creative photography, slow speed shutter is ideal such as capturing light trails of moving lights etc.

Vijaya says that certain things are there which you need to consider when selecting the right speed. One of these is the focal length of the lens of your camera. As longer focal lengths highlights the level of camera shake, it is better to use a faster speed although there are some cameras which already have a built in image stabilization in their lens. Based on experience and common sense, Mr. Boggala says that you should shoot with a shutter camera speed whose denominator is more than the focal length of the lens.

So, it can be said that different speeds will produce different kind of photographic effect. Faster shutter speed will take the shot at that specific instant while the slower one will haze the photo and shows the speed of movement of a particular subject. If you want to want to show how fast a train is moving then slow shutter speeds are suggested. However, if you want to take the image of the train at that particular instant; then go for faster speed.

Listed below are some of the tips provided by Vijaya Boggala when using shutter speed:

  • When using a shutter speed less than 1/60, you should use a tripod as when the shutter is open that long, even the least shake can create unclear pictures.
  • If the shutter speed is too sluggish, you can either increase the ISO or open up your aperture, or both, till you reach the right exposure.
  • Learn how to adjust aperture and shutter speed and ISO setting without taking the camera away from your eye.

All these simple tips would help you to click lovely photographs.

Besides having skills in slow shutter speed photography, landscape photography, and action photography; he also loves to watch live sports.

Presently, Vijaya lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, and has a four-year-old son.