La decision de Lu: Colombian Family and Fractures in Modern Bogota

In a film that is set around a family and their relationship, it is of no surprise that along with the positive, comes the negative aspects of family member clashes and confrontations.

This film idea in question, is called “La decision de Lu,” and is based on a Colombian family that lives together and pursues common life projects and has children. Luciana and Samuel are a young couple who are successful financially and stable in their careers. In fact, after Luciana receives a promotion, Samuel organizes a family reunion to honor her success. Rather than being the positive and festive occasion that should have been, the reunion resulted in a series of uncomfortable events and confrontations that resulted between them and the family that makes them doubt their love for each other.

La decisión de Lu

The director chose to document such a realistic path in this drama film because of its believable characters, simple places, and authentic credibility. To capture the life of an individual in a common place is a reality not seen in most films. This down to earth location at their country house contains an atmosphere of a typical couple living in Bogotá, Colombia—young, educated, and those whom have good taste.This film needs financial backers to get filmed and released, so the director and producer are using Indiegogo as a platform to introduce their dream and share this subject with those who support the idea behind this down to earth topic that can be related to by nearly anyone.

The producer of the film states that the characteristic of Latin people—the defense of the family—is in trouble in the film, and is violated by social and cultural indoctrinations that end up coercing the decisions of the characters, reflecting real life. The modern media, lifestyle, economic and sexual liberation, social pressure, publicity, and more fills the heads of the Luciana and Samuel with doubt when it comes to making a family due to their way of life. With just the two of them enjoying their modern lifestyle that does not make time or room for children or anyone other than the idea of the two of them alone, is a main point of stress in “La decision de Lu.”

What makes the idea for this film so engaging and relatable not just to Colombians, but to everyone, is the family relationships and moral challenges that present themselves through personal characters that are easy to relate to. This film’s intention is to show the underlying “violence” of modern life in Bogotá’s young people, but without any drugs, illegal activities, guns, or physical violence. This is a movie where the life of a family is chosen, just like any family on a global scale.

To film a movie in Colombia, or in Latin America in general, is not easy when you wish to keep hold of creative control and not allow it to be bent, twisted, diluted, and changed entirely by financers in the movie business. The director wants this film’s independence to remain intact in order to offer the viewers a real and true reflection of a real life issue of life. Distancing themselves from the stereotypical films of Latin America and Colombia featuring drug cartels and trafficking, war, corruption, or other types of subjects, this film is intended to fill a gap that audiences are looking for: a relatable and gut-wrenching reflection of modern life in Colombia.

To do so, the crew needs technical equipment, location scouting, casting, and more. The expenses begin in pre-, peri-, and post-productions and the expenses of transportation of the technical and artistic equipment necessary to film, is greatly needed.

“La decision de Lu” is a film that can make its way on screen: but collaboration and funding is needed. Filming is expected to last fifteen days, and with significant story-boarding, writing, casting, location scouting, equipment, setting up scenes, and all of the types of filming expenses incurred by filming a movie, the crew (director and producer, etc…) need your help.

These artists and filmmakers wish to make this movie because they want to express their belief in the family as the fundamental base of life, and the fight to keep to their customs. Telling this universal story lives not only within the culture of Colombians, but with anyone who watches. This film will transcend borders to tell this human story.

You can support this endeavor by visiting the Indiegogo link at: to lend your support and donate money to make this film come to life. You can share the campaign through links as well, and with your monetary support, comes rewards and perks once the funding is reached.