Know More about the Variety of Taxes

Taxation is a very important and integral part of any financial situation. On it depends the amount of gain or loss of an individual. If the individual has low tax burdens then the profits are high. But in order to be able to make high profits it is crucial that you understand the various taxes, so that you can seek professional help and not be lost under the weight of heavy taxation burdens.


In other words we could say Taxes are the price we pay to live in a civilized society. There are a number of taxes that are paid by an individual for his own benefit, which we often fail to realize. We think that it is unfair for the government to charge taxes on so many things, as it considerably reduces our income.

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Basically tax is charged on income, property, goods and services; but the specific types of taxes come under the names of:

  1. Federal Tax – this is the tax imposed by any federal government on the yearly income of an individual.
  2. State or Local Income Tax – this is the tax levied by the state or local government again on the annual income, but this has not been implemented by all states as yet.
  3. Payroll Tax – this is the tax that any employer has to withhold or pay on behalf of his employees. In the United States the payroll consists of the Medicare and Social Security.
  4. Unemployment Tax –this is the federal tax that the state unemployment agencies receive some funds from the government in order to help the laid-off workers.
  5. Sales Tax – this particular tax has more than one person involved in its payment and realization. The retail sellers vend their goods for which they are charged this tax, which is collected by the retailer and given to the state. This tax is fixed by the state depending on the percentage of the selling prices of the services and goods. Sometimes we feel that the consumers are the ones paying this tax, but since the prices increase due to the tax, the consumers tend to buy smaller quantity of the goods, thereby causing the businessman to pay the tax.
  6. Foreign Tax – when a foreign country makes any income from the native country they are bound to pay this particular tax.
  7. Value Added Tax – at every stage of production and consumption of a good this tax is levied. At times, however, tax is exempted from the food and medical items, but that depends on the political condition of any place.

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