Jade Kevin Foster: The Australian Male Model

The famous Australian male model, Jade Kevin Foster, is gaining more and more popularity with 1.2 million and above followers on social media.

This model, aged 24, has worked with famous brands like Mossimo and Louis Vuitton and is growing to be very successful. He is from Caringbah and has recently surprised everyone with his global reach.

This Australian male model has an appropriate height of 5´12” and says that he loves to pose. He expressed his respect for the gay, transgender, lesbian, intersex and bisexual community when he modeled with the aim to be their role model, thereby supporting and encouraging them to confidently show their identity.

He also said that he would make donations to the children’s charity. Jade Kevin Foster believes that being unique, confident and comfortable in your clothes is the best style ever.

Kevin Foster has a lot many exciting projects lined up, such as the one where he will be collaborating with Stussy & Ghanda Clothing. His involvement in social media is something that will always stay and increase his number of fans.

His suggestion for growing the Instagram account goes like this – “Know your filters and always check with a trusted friend before uploading a selfie, and use HASHTAGS!”.