Items You Need Before Getting Your First Puppy

Who doesn’t love puppies? If you’re planning to make a new addition to your family and get a puppy, it’s essential that you’re well prepared. Puppies don’t only need a lot of love and attention, they also require a lot of stuff – especially when it comes to training. Don’t get caught short by forgetting something your puppy needs by reading this checklist of must-buys before you bring your little furry bundle of joy home.



Food is definitely a must-have before puppy comes home. Making sure that your puppy has a healthy and nutritious diet will ensure that he grows into a happy, healthy adult dog. There are loads of different brands of dog food and in general, you should pick one to start with that’s designed for puppies, slowly moving up to full adult food. Don’t forget your food and water bowls, either – you’ll need something for him to eat out of!

Collar and ID Tag

Even if you’ve had pup microchipped, it’s a good idea to get him an ID tag for his collar with his name and your contact information on it. That way, if somebody finds him wandering around it’s easier to just return him to you rather than calling the dog warden to scan the microchip.


Dogs need daily walking, and your pup is going to need them more and more as he grows older. Although when he’s really small it might suffice to let him run around the garden for a while, it won’t be long before he’ll need daily walks – not to mention training. A leash is essential for keeping your puppy safe when walking and can also be a training aid.


Your puppy will definitely need somewhere comfortable to sleep. Although some puppy owners are tempted to let pup sleep on their bed with them, it’s not advisable to do this – they may never grow out of it! Ensure that your puppy has a comfy dog bed to snooze on. You might also want to consider getting a crate or cage in case they decide to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. You can find a great range of dog beds at online shopping sites.

Poop Bags

Don’t be that person who leaves their dogs mess lying around in the grass on walks. Make sure that you’re fully prepared for doggy toilet time each and every time you go out for a walk by having a stash of poop bags or plastic bags to use.

Treats and Toys

Puppies love to play, and with the right selection of treats and toys you can make it into one massive big game for them! Treats – especially chews for those sharp teeth – are essential for rewarding your pup when he gets something right, and toys can massively aid with training. Toys are also great for bonding as you can play tug-o-war with your pup or teach him how to fetch.

What else should we add to our essential puppy list? Let us know in the comments.