Installation of Zipline Kit

Just think- standing on top of a hillside, perhaps a little higher than the treetops and overlooking the scenic view down you! You are well-harnessed, helmeted and tied to a cable which is hundreds of feet above. You just take a plunge and zip down the line- the wind gushes past your face and your feet are flying in the air.

This is actually what it is to zip line and it is just the next closest thing to flying. It is certainly one of the activities that is gaining great popularity and you will see a lot of people enjoying it at adventure camps, resorts, canopy tours, backyard gaming and high rope courses.

The zip lines kit comprises of a cable tied at an incline. A trolley ride which crosses the cable to which the rider fastener is hung by the carabineer! The trolley also comprises of a handlebar or seat for the rider to sit or hold on to.

The more exciting zip lines are the higher is the distance from the ground. It could go as high as thousand feet long and gravity gives it a speed of up to 100mph.

These lines could be an adventure of a lifetime. The height and speed could be a little intimidating for the kids as well as adults. You can easily get a 200 foot ziplines installed in your own backyard. Personal zip lines provide you with rides which are less steep and short, but obviously exciting. You have a lot of options of easy to install zip line kits along with instructions.

It is important to plan your space before purchasing the ziplines kit. Whether you wish to install a zip lines kit or build one on your own, the first and most important thing is to assess the area and choose where the line will go. The simplest anchor for your line is robust trees which are around 12 inches in diameter to connect the line.

There shouldn’t be any tall tress amidst them. You should remove the shrubs and branches in between so that it doesn’t hurt the rider. This gives you a completely empty space to install your ziplines kit.