Indian Wedding Invitations and Return Gifts: Glamour Rolled In Traditions

Wedding for Indian families is the celebration of a lifetime. It is an apt medium to exhibit one’s affluence level, social status and magnanimity. Indian wedding invitations along with the return gifts reflect the trait of profligacy of the concerned families and as such dazzle the recipient with sheer intricacy, adornment and lavishness of design.

Return Gifts

The invitations as well as return gifts are emblazoned in a profusion of glaring and sometimes overpowering shades that carry a degree of warmness in it. Colors are integral to Indian culture andit conveys a sense of oneness with the invitees.

Indian wedding invitations and return gifts have become a costly affair with time. Most of the times these are accompanied with expensive gifts such as wrist watches, photo frames, Indian Handicrafts, jewelry, etc. Many middle class families attempting to emulate this trend fall victim to high prices and allow their budgets to shoot.

However, the advent of latest printing technologies has brought ostentatious printing within the reaches of middle class. Many event organizers have jumped into the scene. Their theme cards and gifts are cost effective and at the same time capture the imagination of prospective guests.

Wedding in India is synonymous with blatant exhibition of one’s affluence. Thus the invitation and return gifts for wedding has to come up with this immense pressure of accurately reflecting the ostentatious motives of the inviter. The invitation letter’s prime objective is to leave an indelible impression on the psyche of onlooker. The announcement of ceremonial formalities is secondary.

The invitation as well as return gifts to the guests are an emphatic statement of the traditional Indian values upon which the Indian society stands firms surmounting the winds of change that have swept over the land. These seek inspiration from the divine bond that is going to be established between the would-be couple.