How to file a workers’ compensation? Olympia Law firm explains.

Many people, who face various injuries at their workplace, are unable to file a report of compensation to the organization.  This happens, as because an individual is not aware of the process of how to claim a compensation. An organization is bound to give compensation to a worker if something goes wrong from the side of the company.

The Olympia Law PC firm will summarize the process of claiming worker’s compensation from an organization.

What is actually a workers’ compensation?

Workers compensation is a kind of an insurance that provides both cash benefits and medical care for the various workers who gets injured or becomes sick due to some disastrous effect in their job. This particular compensation is paid by the organization under which the worker is employed.

The employer that is the organization pays for the insurance amount. There is something called Workers Compensation Board. The board is a state agency, which has been formed to process each and every claim of the workers. The board determines some important issues like will the worker will reimburse with cash benefits or medical according to the situation.

How the claim process works?

Immediate notification by the worker-

The worker immediately obtains the necessary medical treatment and notifies his or her supervisor about the accident which occurred. The description of how it occurred should also be given. Then the employee notifies the employer in writing about the accident within 30 days of injury faced. Immediately after that, the employee files a claim with the board on Form Employee Claim by e-mailing the form to the district office. This claim should be done within two years of the accident or two years after the employee gets to know that this is related to his or her employment.

Medical report within 48 Hours-

A medical report is prepared within 48 hours by the doctor and is send to the district office where the claim has been made. A copy of the report is also send to the organization, to the worker and the insurance company.

10 days to notify about the accident-

The employer or the organization notifies the insurance company about the injury within 10 days

Within 14 days of receipt of Form Employer’s Report of Work-Related Injury/Illness- The insurer provides the injured worker with a written statement about his or her rights in the claim. If somehow the insurer requires claimants to use a network it has contracted with to obtain diagnostic tests, it must notify the claimant of the name and contact information for the network at the same time.

Within 18 days of receipt of Form Employer’s Report of Work-Related Injury/Illness

The insurer starts the payment of benefits if lost the lost time exceeds seven days. Somehow if the claim gets disputed the insurer informs the Workers Compensation board. Even if the payment is not made due to some specific reasons then also the insurer informs the board about the issue.

Final process of the claim

After submission of every document, the insurer continues to make payments every two weeks to the injured employee. The doctor also submits a progress report in duration of 45 days and nearly after 12 weeks the insurer considers the necessity of rehabilitation treatment.

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