How business enterprises have been impacted by Information Technology

Information technology has changed the landscape of business dramatically. Looking at various service offerings mentioned on the website, it will be clear how much business enterprises, regardless of its size depend on the internet to perform various tasks. Another interesting aspect that will be discovered on browsing the website is that more emphasis is being given to make the technology  reach  the remotest customer so that the internet service providers are equipped to cover and service the entire population of the world. Such is the kind of dominance of information technology. The internet is not merely a highway for information but business enterprises use it in their own ways to transact business and service customers. Besides the internet there are other tools of communication technology that are utilized by business – the voice /phone services and web hosting to facilitate the business processes. The impact of information technology has been huge and some of the important changes that have happened have been discussed in this article.


The proliferation of Information Technology courtesy and other similar entities is best demonstrated in the improvement of communication systems. Voice communication that used to be the only channel of communication has now lost its importance to a great extent. The e mail has become the default communication system and has virtually made the use of voice communication optional.  E mail messages are not only transmitted with more clarity but it creates a permanent record that greatly reduces the need for creating additional documents. Work processes have thus become more streamlined and fast.

Unobstructed flow of information

Not only has the pace of communication increased phenomenally, flow of information has also become fast, smooth and uninterrupted. Since information is critical for any organization, making it flow smoothly in all directions is what any business enterprise desires. Sharing information on real time basis speeds up the process of decision making and brings more transparency into the organization that effectively builds better team work. By using centralized data centers, all information are now stored for retrieval and information can flow in all directions across all levels in an organization.

Faster transaction processing

For businesses engaged in merchant transactions, Information Technology has transformed the payment process. A look at the website would reveal how credit card processing has been made easy and secured by using technology.  The systems allow business enterprises to benefit without any negative impact on customers. It has increased the attraction of conducting business online that expands the business horizon endlessly.

New technological platform

Information Technology is being effectively used in creating special technology platforms for business enterprises.  These platforms can be used for better implementation of the technology for creating a computing environment that does not depend on individual data centers. Instead, the client site becomes a part of the technology platform.  The platform creates a virtual environment that does not depend on personally maintained and owned hardware systems like personal computers and servers.

Business enterprises are more than happy to reap the benefits of Information Technology that have expanded the business horizons almost infinitely.