How a Police Detective Works

The field of criminal law and justice has a lot of scope, but the reason many back out from it is the magnitude of risks attached to it. Again, if you are to see on the brighter side, there are several benefits and rewards attached to these life risking jobs. One such job profile is the position of a Police detective. It might sound all adventurous and exciting, but the truth is, it is not that easy to get to that position. It is not a job where you can just get in, give an interview and get selected immediately.  It requires a lot of hard work and particularly degrees of study to qualify to become one.

The post of a police detective is acquired over time; the initial stage is to become a police officer. It is through slow proceedings that a police officer reaches the level of a detective, but that again would only be done after ensuring the police officer is well trained and the holder of extensive knowledge in the matter. Bradley J Sterling a resident of West Allis was a police officer who felt joy in serving the humanity and keeping their lives safe and secure.

His life story reveals his dedicated service as a police officer for fifteen years, wherein he rose from the position of an officer, to that of a corporal and finally a detective, till the time he retired. His contributions to the night patrolling of the area are cited as examples to the novice police officers.

The most basic job of any detective of police is to pursue and apprehend the law breakers. Searching and collecting evidences, surveying about the suspected criminal, questioning various people to gather information of the suspect, all entail the works of a police detective. It could be said that becoming a police detective is an art in itself. The characteristic of courage should be replete within anyone who intends to join the police force and become a detective. The ability to closely yet quietly keep an account of all the movements of the accused, along with interrogation, raids and arrests are among all the required qualities of a police detective.

Bradley J Sterling surely is an example of courage personified. He too had his share of near to death experiences during the patrolling at night, but that did not dampen his spirits in any way and make him step aside from fulfilling his responsibilities. Known as Officer Bradley Sterling in this area, this police detective was very able and efficient in carrying out all his tasks regularly. He even worked as a School Resource Officer at Nathan Hale High School where he had to deal with smaller children. This might have been a challenge for his career, but here too he did not give in, instead became a friend and a coach to all his students.

The category of work for any police detective may vary, from handling cases of homicide, missing people, fraud or even sexual assault. Immense amount of labour goes into this sort of a job but there is no denying to the kind of adventure it promises.