Heartbeats Never Movie Review

Heartbeats is Xavier Dolan’s subsequent feature film and tells about the complex bisexual love triangle between three friends. Besides its simple narrative style, its stylistic way makes it worthy to watch It is a love story that is shared when two friends both for the same individual.

Heartbeats Never Movie

Even though, the plot is nothing special or unique, the realistic acting, dialogue, breathtaking camera and the sound track bring life to the film. I enjoyed the party scene. The flashing light and the song create a seductive ambiance. Here is a more about this Movie Review. Just read on.

Heartbeats Movies narrate the complicated bisexual love affair involving three friends. Marie and Francis are close friends. . Francis is quieter and more cautious and Marie is more obsessed and egotistic. They see Nicolas (Niels Schneider) at a party.

Nicolas is a youth traveler and a blonde Adonis. Both Marie (Monia Chokri) and Francis (Xavier Dolan) become totally obsessed with him and build up a indicative relationship with Nicolas. This put at risk of their friendship. Even though they share bed jointly, Marie and Francis could not quench their sexual craving for Nicolas. The film gives insight to the planning of envy.

Marie is an eternal romantic and is more neurotic. Frankie’s external appearance is daring but he is reticent and timid. Nicolas is handsome. His seductive smile, his angelic curls and perfect features are captured well by the camera. The lighting, music seductive slow motion does wonders and makes everyone in the audience fall in love with Nicolas as well. This makes the two friend slide into deep obsessive fantasies of desire.

This movie reveals a whole breadth of poetic craziness, expectations, sorrow, humiliations and finally loneliness. The actors have natural chemistry that adds life to the film. I have no doubt that it is a film that sure enough to allure all lovers of romance movie and French language.

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