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The advancement of technology has bought in a revolution in each and every aspect of life. It has brought in many changes and made life easy. The modernization has succeeded in bringing the entire human in to a virtual world which seems to be much more interesting and happening than the real world.

There is no time to get bored. When so ever a human is free or has nothing to do, he or she tends to take out a gaming console or the smart phone and starts playing his or her favorite game. Waiting in a queue is no more a boring phase.

The kids today have almost forgotten the world of outdoor games. What they all know is the video games, tele- vision, mobile phones and laptops. There are multiple games that have been made virtual though they exist in real. For example- the FIFA games, FIFA is the heart of football.

Most of the people who play online games or video games tend to play the FIFA games the most. It is exciting to build up teams and assign coach to the team and get going towards winning the matches. This buying of players, and coach and making up a team and then playing a match involves the use of FIFA coins.

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