Easy Ways to Save Money on Manufacturing Equipment

Running a business that makes products for others requires the use of manufacturing equipment. Whether you make candy, teddy bears, clothing or furniture, you need a lot of equipment before you can make the products that your customers need. As a single piece of machinery can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, outfitting your entire factory can cost much more than you ever expected. Before you take out loans and look for investors, check out some easy ways to save money on all the manufacturing equipment that you need.

Choose Used or Refurbished Equipment

The cost of used or refurbished equipment is significantly smaller than the cost of buying that same equipment. Used equipment include machines that you can buy from companies that went out of business or upgraded to newer machinery. If that machine needs a serious repair though, you may find yourself spending more than you had in the budget. Many manufacturers offer refurbished equipment at a lower price that comes with a good warranty. That warranty often covers repairs for the first year or more after your purchase.

Consider Renting

When you first open a manufacturing business, you might notice that your sales start out slow. Renting lets you get the equipment that you need without paying for the full cost of those machines upfront. As your business grows, you can set aside money to buy those machines later. Renting also lets you see whether certain models are right for your company or if other machines work better. With equipment like dredges for rent, you can get more equipment upfront without blowing through your entire budget before you start making sales.

Start a Collaborative Program

Starting a collaborative program is another way that you can save money on manufacturing equipment. This type of program works well in manufacturing facilities that rent space to multiple companies and in cities with a lot of manufacturers. The idea is that you and at least one other company put up money to buy or rent equipment with the understanding that you will share those machines equally. You might switch back and forth every month or every six months. One company can even put up more money and use that machinery for a longer period of time. If you need manufacturing equipment but want to save some money, start a collaborative or sharing program, rent that machinery or buy used.