Custom Size Picture Frame

At times, you may have a treasured piece of art in your possession. It needs a good frame for it to look attractive in the first place. Nowadays, there are frame stores which also offer online ordering platforms. Remember that all customized frames are made with no additional production time.

What You Need To Know About Customize Size Picture Frames.

Picture Frame

Type of Frame

The type of frame mainly touches on the size, material and color of the frame to be customized. Most frames are designed to hold the entire piece of art. At times, the material of the frame is made to fit the scene of the picture. For example, a forest drawing will need a wooden frame, for example heavily grained oak so as to look more natural.

Optional Accessories

Most customized size picture frames come with assembled glass, hanging and backing material. However, most stores offer room for the customer to add other items, for example mats and easel backs.


Customized frame prices depend on the quality of the frame. In addition, frame prices also depend on the intended place where the piece of art is to be hang. Custom size frames for galleries, studios and offices may be highly priced unlike those to be put in private homes.

Steps to Making Your Own Custom Picture Frame

To begin with, take the measurements of the art work. Both the length and width out to be measure at this step. Proceed to selecting the type of frame you need. It may be wooden, metallic or plastic. Choose a mat color, ensuring that it will be enough to overlap onto the artwork’s edges.Select the desired acrylic type. Usually, acrylic are classified into premium clear and non-glare. Select the one that fits best your artwork. Finally, put a backing material, usually a form board.

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