Checklist for Selecting Native Ads Network

From $8 billion in 2015, the native ads spend is likely to reach $21 dollars by the end of 2018. Almost a three-fold growth in three years time must be stupendous. Consequent upon the popularity of native advertising, native ad networks are sprucing up their marketing capabilities to get their share of the market. Since native advertising is about publishing paid advertisements in other media and websites, all publishers, manufacturers, traders and service providers need a vehicle to channelize their advertising campaigns for which the advertisement networks become an indispensable part of the marketing initiatives of the organizations.


To enable extract the best value from the newest advertisement campaigns and obtain the best return on investment you have to be very careful in selecting the advertising network and take care of some important aspects when selecting a native ad provider.  This is true for both publishers and advertisers. What needs to be taken care of has been discussed below.

Rate structure should be transparent

There has to be complete transparency in the rates that that are discussed and agreed with the native ad networks. There is nothing wrong in being forthright to ask the ads network to provide clear details of the rates so that nothing is left for guessing. Reading the fine print of the offer is must so that you do not have to regret later. If you are interested in the revenue sharing model then know exactly what your long term gains are by doing some basic arithmetic instead of taking things at face value.  Do not be carried away by offers that might seem to be too good to be true, unless you have scrutinized it in detail.

Take trials

When evaluating different ads networks, the best way to ascertain their capabilities is to take trials of each for short spells. After obtaining the initial offers, you can invite the networks to give trials that will help evaluation and any reputed company should not hesitate to respond to your call. Remember that you should sign up for trails only and should not enter into long term contract unless you have completed the process of evaluation of  all the names that you have short listed.

Check the basket

For consistency and to maintain continuity in maintaining a fixed placement of advertisements on a website, the inventory of advertisers in the basket of the native ad networks has to be quite healthy. There has to be enough advertisers of different types in the network’s kitty that would help to keep the space occupied without any gaps.  The assortment of advertisers should also include international ones in case you have traffic directed to the international market.

Technological strength

The ads partner that you select should have adequate technological strength and have access to powerful tools for analytic that can be used to gauge the performance of the sites in terms of revenue generation. The review should be useful to ascertain the pages that are worth more and should be exploited in a better way for generating revenues.

Finding the right network partner can give you the best gains of native advertising.