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How to Protect from Trading Scams?

Forex isn’t fully regulated, and the system relies on the brokerage firms to register with bodies like NFA (National Futures Association) and CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission).

Its nature of being highly volatile makes it the favorite of scammers and they promise to offer 100% profit with their secret formula.

OffersFX review

Hedge fund traders are seen to make consistent money from their forex trades while inexperienced traders look for a reputed education source to learn how to earn large returns.

No matter if you are a novice trader or an experienced trader, forex trading will not give you overnight riches and you are bound to be a victim of trading scams.

In order to protect yourself from fraud, inform your bank instantly. Refer to the federal authorities and hire professionals such as Money Back to help you retrieve your money from the scam.

With the right approach, you can protect yourself from forex scams. Some of the tips to protect yourself are given below:

Well, everyone does their bit of research, but according to us you should look out for the following information:

User reviews: Keeping the fact in mind that every trader makes losses, unsatisfied clients and EAs may complain that they didn’t get the returns as promised.

Look out reviews where traders weren’t allowed to withdraw money as they are a good pointer of the truth.

Location: Offshore brokerage firms and bots aren’t regulated. It means it will be hard to get a hold of them in case you need help.

And at the time of scam, you have very low chances of getting your money back. Hence make sure you choose a broker who has a HQ and a location and is regulated by one of the regulated bodies of the area.

US regulators: CFTC is a US government agency that manages forex trading. It operates under Commodity Exchange act and regulates the markets and prevent scams.

US regulators: NFA is a self-regulatory body in the US which deals with forex trading.

Other than this, you have the Financial Conduct Authority and Background Affiliation Status Information Checker to protect yourself from scams. Check for these places for the legitimacy of the broker.


Suggestions to help merchants prevent credit card chargebacks

Almost all US merchants are familiar with the term chargeback. The mere word raises their blood pressure.

No merchant would want to have a chargeback but the reality is you are bound to face them in your online business.

In simple words, chargebacks are the reversal of credit card transactions. They can be pricey in terms of energy and money spent in the dispute.

It is important for every member to understand chargebacks and use the right tools and knowledge to prevent them from occurring.

Prevention is the first defense of a merchant against chargebacks. Usually, it exists on online purchases.

Regardless of the eCommerce website you own, you have two categories of chargebacks: fraud and scam activity, processing errors, customer-related and non-fulfillment of copy requests.

Non-fulfillment of copy request:

Consumers or banks may ask for a copy of the sales. Find out the right process for copy requests. Usually, merchants answer within 12 days of notice received.

Based on the best chargeback sites failing to provide the said document could lead to a chargeback. Hence, always maintain your sales record and organize your credit card transactions well.


  • You can lower customer-related chargebacks with a simple recognized DBA on their billing statement. The DBA (Doing Business As) should match your URL and business name.
  • Provide your contact details on the billing statement of the customer to give them the ability to talk to you in case of any query or concern. Unsatisfied customers ask for chargeback and if you deal with their problem in the right way, the issue can be resolved.
  • Make sure you mention your store policies clearly about refunds, returns, exchanges, credit, etc. Also, make sure you deposit the credit receipts with the acquirer as soon as possible. Failing to do so may result in a chargeback.
  • Communication helps you in avoiding chargeback. Interact with customers about their orders. Reply to their queries instantly. Ask for signed delivery receipts so that you have proof that merchandise was delivered.

Apart from this, there are fraudulent activities and processing errors that prompt a customer to go for a chargeback. You can cautiously deal with these issues too.

OrbitGTM Review – An Innovative Online Trading Platform

With the online trading industry growing enormously, a lot of online trading brokerages have come into existence.

There are several online trading firms that render services to investors but not all trading firms are good.

One of the major reason why online trading brokerages haven’t gained success is that they render below-standard services.

However, one of the platforms which gained a lot of spotlight is OrbitGTM.

It is a prominent and successful online brokerage that offers inventive technologies, full support and guidance to the traders all through their trading journey.

The trading platform doesn’t just focus on making investors pay heftily but also wants them to learn and earn profits.

It decks the investors with information, support and tools they need to run profitable trades.

Apart from it, the brokerage offers an incredible customer support system to all its traders for better efficacy.

What makes it a great choice amongst traders is the number online trading instruments it offers to pick from. Here is a detailed OrbitGTM review on the trading instrument it offers.

Stock trading

Trading in stocks is the oldest form of online trading. OrbitGTM gives you an insight to execute feasible and profitable trades.

It gives you access to thousands of stocks and guidance from expert traders and analyst for a better trading experience.

Forex trading

When you think of forex trading, the experienced and skilled team of OrbitGTM is available at your service to render support and guidance.

So, with the help of OrbitGTM, you can access to several online forex trading markets with over 180 currency pairs to trade in.

Cryptocurrency trading

The youngest member to join digital asset trading is crypto trading.

OrbitGTM offers you low transaction fee with expert guidance of crypto professionals to trade in this highly volatile trading market. It has over 2000 crypto coins to allow you to trade in.

Gold and oil trading

If you like to trade in commodity market, then OrbitGTM gives you guidance and support on this too.

OrbitGTM gives you the freedom to trade in any asset you want and take your trading experience to a completely new level.




Why Isn’t My Business Growing? 

At some point in time, business owners will realize that their company has come to a standstill. In many cases, the plateau results from committing specific business errors that preclude the company from moving forward.

If you find that your company is not growing, consider whether you may be committing any of the following errors:

business growing

1. You Aren’t Using Consulting Services

One reason that your company may have come to a standstill is a lack of professional input regarding how you should run the business. You can easily correct this problem by hiring a team of skilled business consultants.

These individuals can help you make the most of your staff and internal operations to ensure that you earn a better bottom line and extend your company’s sphere of influence. Expert companies put this process in motion by providing resources such as executive coaching assessment tools.

2. You Aren’t Marketing Online

Based on research done by Baupas Pro Digital Marketing, another business error that could be holding your company back is a failure to market online. This oversight can preclude you from connecting with members of your target audience who could quickly evolve into repeat customers.

You can easily correct this business error by hiring a team of detail-oriented, results-driven digital advertisers to implement an eCommerce campaign for you.

The most effective digital marketing campaign is typically one that makes synergistic use of digital strategies like responsive web design, content marketing, social media optimization, and search engine optimization.

3. You’re Not Rewarding Employees Who Yield Results

One final business error you may be making is a failure to reward employees who get results. Don’t commit this mistake.

When employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to remain loyal and go the extra mile to get your company results.

With this idea in mind, make sure you implement a rewards system. This system could include anything from a paid vacation to raises to bonuses.


If your business isn’t growing and you’re trying to figure out why it’s time to determine whether you’re committing any errors that have led to stagnation.

Three of the errors you may be committing include failure to attain assistance from a business consulting firm, not utilizing digital marketing services, and forgetting to reward employees who work hard.

Use the information found in this quick reference guide to correct these errors now so you can see the level of growth you desire!

Pros and Cons of Getting Loans for Real Estate Property

Want to invest in real estate property and do not have enough finances for getting it started?

Then there is no need to worry now. You can simply get the fast investment property loans that are most suitable for your requirement.

Today there are very simple and effective options available for getting quick cash for investment.

But as these loans can cost you a good amount of money in the form of interest, it’s not very lucrative for certain people.

Especially if you have skills and can earn some income via trading online you can try brokers like Finetero that can help you trade in forex and crypto-currencies to make some decent amount of money.

But worry not if you are not skilled, there are so many websites and companies which are providing easy quick cash for your urgent requirements.

And the best thing is that the procedure of applying to these online quick cash services such as are too low and simple enough.

There are lenders who pre-approves your stated income loans on the first call.  The loans are provided to the investors or borrowers based on their stated income.

These loans are very useful for investors who need to get finances for their investment purpose and want that their real estate deals get closed very fast.

With these types of loans, you can close your deals within 3o days or less.

The borrowers who are not able to prove their income can also get these investment property loans easily without any problem.

You can benefit from the investment you make in the properties with the help of these loans. All you need to arrange is a good down payment for getting these loans fast.

As per the lenders, the procedure of applying for quick cash online would be really very quick and you can get these loans in as little as five minutes.

If you are eligible for quick cash then it will not take too much time for approving your amount and then you can cash it out! It is quick and effective.