Brian Carr Naples explains the principles of web design

Website designing is not a singular activity. It starts from formulating the plan of building the website, extends to its creation and carries on with each update made in the website. Web designing includes all the activities involved in producing a website and its maintenance.

From the appearance of the website, which takes into account the color palette and the font used in it, to the user interface and the navigational structure, all are a part of the web design.

Web designing is a complex task. There are certain principles which should be kept in mind before creating a web design.

Brian Carr points out the principles of web design

Mr. Carr has been an expert in the field of web design for years. With the help of his experience, he underlines the main principles to be kept in mind for the creation of an effective web design:

  • Simplicity is always the best policy. Over the top designs and the presence of too many elements on a page only distracts the visitor from the main objective of the website. A simplistic design is easier on the eyes of the visitors. A clean layout is easier to navigate and provides the visitors with a smoother experience. Having too many elements also makes a website heavier and thus more difficult to load. At times a visitor might not have the patience to wait for a website to load and close it before even taking a look at it.
  • The web design should be creative and innovative so that it stands out and catches the eye of the visitors. Its design plays a huge role in making a website unique. Usage of different colors and utilization of the white space makes an effective design. Brian Carr Naples recommends hiring professionals who are expert in delivering inventive designs.
  • Every business has their target market. Your website should be designed in accordance to the tastes of your target consumers. The design of a luxury cosmetics website would not be the same as the one dealing with herbal medicines. The usage of color, contrast, image and font depends on the theme of the website and the product sold by it.
  • The language used in the website should be simple and easy to comprehend. A website cannot successfully communicate its message if the visitors can’t understand its contents. The language used in the website should be written keeping in mind that the people visiting it might have any qualification and may not be able to understand certain jargon.
  • The navigation system should be easy to use to ensure maximum functionality. Each link, logo and call to action should be placed in a proper manner so that the visitors can navigate the website with minimum effort.
  • Your website is ultimately the reflection of your brand in the virtual world. It should showcase the company’s ideologies and objectives so that the visitors are informed about your business and its nature.

A founding member of the Grid-websites, Brian P Carr stresses on the need of following the above principles to make your website a success.