Automated Car Technology and Future of Driverless Cars

When someone says ‘I can drive without touching the steering’, you may feel it like he is either boasting his driving skill or it is a science fiction area where cars dive themselves. Perhaps, this can be very hard to believe, but this is the future of the automobile industry!

Automated Car

It is anticipated that this car technology will change the way we comprehend the automobile industry with radical social, economic and environmental impacts. The first self-directed systems that can control the steering, accelerator and brake have already started using in cars.

These autonomous systems need drivers to monitor the road and keep hands on the steering. Next generation self-driving car technology is anticipated to be launched within a few years and should free drivers to relax!

Automobile giants have flaunted their vehicles that can drive self and have declared that within a few years they will launch some kind of advanced automated cars that will enable driving on highways or park in a garage on their own. Google, the giant search engine is investing a good amount of money in self-directed driving technology and its driverless cars is a familiar view on the Silicon valley highways for the last few years.

The major reason to develop driverless car technology is to decrease the percentage of road accidents and traffic congestion. Human lack clarity in making judgment calls and consequently run into traffic lights or tress or other vehicles on road.

Some medical conditions like seizures, blind spots and heart attacks can also lead to accidents. According to a website tech smart automated car technology can make timely and accurate driving decision on your behalf and thus, avoiding running into scenarios above mentioned. Self-driving cars can identify the wait period at traffic signals as well as on road stops, which would decrease unwanted traffic congestion on busy streets.