Application of Rigid Polyurethane Foam

Polyiso and Rigid polyurethane foams are renowned for the being the most energy efficient, famous and versatile insulation technology. The foams can effectively cut down the energy expenses while enhancing the efficacy and comfort of residential and commercial properties.

As per the US Department of Energy, cooling and heating amount to around 56% of the energy consumption in an ordinary US accommodation. Thus, in order to maintain a constant temperature and lower noise standards in residential and commercial areas, builders have switched to rigid polyurethane. The foam is an efficient insulator and can be used for insulated windows, doors, wall insulation, roof insulation and air barrier sealants.

Appliances such as water heater and refrigerator, roofing boards make use of the rigid polyurethane foam because of its exceptional mechanical specs and insulation power to reduce energy consumption and for better structural veracity of the finished item.

The versatility of this technique makes the foam perfect for other uses too such as architectural molding, entry doors, energy absorption in vehicles and more.  Polyurethane rigid foam is the first CMS solution to provide you with top quality natural oil polyol as well as polyurethane systems. Check out the site to get a better detail of all the products.