A new and amazing movie called The Fall of Season

This is a movie based on the real life of a college basketball player and his struggle with bipolar (Manic Depression). This movie takes a completely different approach to the entire problem, it is not like something you would expect from Hollywood. It actually demystifies most if not all the misconceptions that Hollywood has promoted concerning manic depression.

The Fall of Season

It is a true story for one and documents the real life of a person who suffers from bipolar. The producer has also suffered with the problem and, therefore, gives it a more personal touch which combines to create a realistic understanding of the disease.

The Fall of Season gives the viewer and inside look into what really goes on in the lives of people who have bipolar, right from the shock of experiencing the initial stage of the disease and watching it progress and the individual deteriorate further as the family tries hard to help and support their loved one.

50 percent of this movie is already completed but the other 50 percent needs support to complete the entire film without compromising quality and other important aspects that may be affected by lack of funds.

To ensure this movie is produced to standard, Grey Matter Films has taken to Kickstarter to get people to contribute towards completion of the film. A total of 15,000 dollars is needed and so far just over 1,500 dollars has been pledged so there is still a long way to go to hit the target by May 1st in order to have the project funded.

The difference between this project and many other projects is that Aaron David is just trying to tell a story that should have been told long time ago to help so many other people. It is not just to make money by making a film, this documentary can help a number of people suffering with bipolar or who know someone in that situation. There is a lot that everyone can learn.

Hopefully more people will visit Kickstarter and support this worthy project.

You can support this project and join them at: https://goo.gl/ZKvmZf