A Heartfelt Generosity By Indiegogo Art Exhibition

Many art exhibitions are just going to explore the themes that people have seen over and over again, even if the art itself is still very visually captivating. The art exhibition in this Generosity by Indiegogo campaign is going to be very different even for the people who tend to frequent art exhibition.

Art has widely been used as a form of therapy for a long time by a lot of people, to the point where art therapy is a respected branch of modern therapy today. This is an art exhibition that more or less presents the products of one person’s art therapy: https://goo.gl/pcrMNF

The artist and creator behind this particular exhibition has had a truly traumatic life. Many people have experienced domestic and sexual abuse, and far too few people are able to come forward and get the help and the recognition that they need. Hopefully, heartfelt art exhibitions like these are actually going to manage to make a difference in that regard, allowing people to really work through the pain of their experiences.

It is also a relief to see that some abuse survivors are at least able to cope with their conditions in a way that is actually going to help them create things. Pursuing creativity instead of self-destructiveness can make all the difference for abuse survivors everywhere, which is all the more reason to support a project like this.

Many artists actually have been motivated by working through their personal struggles and traumas and griefs. However, plenty of them weren’t really blatant about the fact that this is what they were doing, which has made some of their traumas and griefs invisible in the minds of many. In the modern age, this no longer has to be the case. People on the Internet can see the inspiration for art exhibitions like this for themselves.