A Buy Now Pay Later Portal That Is Setting A New Trend In The USA

The information age is opening up new avenues for prominent retail companies to lure new customers in the purchasing the luxury products they are offering for sale and to expand their client base. Today for the comforts of their homes, these buyers can now select a wide range of merchandise, which consist of computers, electronic gadgets, items of personal use and household commodities. The plethora of e-commerce websites like ‘buy now pay later’ on the internet are also providing them with an alternative means of paying for the goods they want without having to use their credit cards. This is creating a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers.

Creating a new trend in the American retail industry

In America, the Emporium Group, a prominent retail department store, is taking advantage of the opportunities the digital marketplace is offering and setting the benchmark for others to follow. The Emporium Buy Now Pay Later website is gain popularity among consumers across the country for the wide variety of products it is selling them and its unique customer service. The experts within the retail industry consider it a role model for other departmental stores to emulate. In the fact, the personnel handling the customer helpdesk are not only proactive and friendly they go out of their way to ensure people who visit this e-commerce site get what they are looking. Even its return policy that the company maintains for its clients is hassle-free and simple. No wonders previous customers encourage new shoppers to log on this ‘buy now pay later’ website for the products they need.

What makes this ‘buy now pay later website’ so popular?

Unlike other similar e-commerce websites, the customers visiting this online retail site can avail of a unique scheme to pay for the luxury goods they buy. In addition to this, these buyers do not have to incur accumulating interest charges and hidden costs that they would normally associate with credit card payments. In this buy now pay later portal, the basic idea is that as long as the buyers have the ability to the minimum fixed installments on the purchases they make they can get shop for the products they need. For this, they need to register them and answer some basis questions regarding their creditworthiness. This is an advantage for people who have a below average credit rating and the whole process takes less than 60 seconds to complete.

To encourage prompt payments, this retail portal also offers shoppers attractive discounts if they clear their dues within a period of 120 days from the date on which they purchase their goods. Even during festive seasons like Christmas, shoppers can choose from over 100,000 luxury products to give to their friends and family even when they do not have adequate cash with them at that time. Moreover, they can avail these goods under one roof without having to leave the warmth and comforts of their homes.  This is the reason why more online buyers are logging on the Emporium Buy Now Pay Later website to browse for the products they need and buy them for attractive prices.