A Brief Guide to Assorted Red Wines

The two primarily preferred wines are the red wine and the white wine. The white wine has a lighter and more fruity flavour as compared to the red one, which can vary from being spicy, to even meaty at times. Basically the taste of a red wine is richer in comparison to its white counterpart. In fact, the drier variety of the red wine is preferred among the more cultured pallets.

The red wine which is made through an even more elaborate series of processes is available in several variants, some of which are discussed below.

  1. Shiraz – this type of red wine is also known by the name of Syrah. California, Australia, the Rhone Valley in France, are the places well known for this wine type. Flavoured like the black wild fruit its best companion is roasted meat.
  2. Marlot – this is a softer version and is known for its cherry flavour. You may also get it in the form of plum and herbs, which enhances the taste.

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  1. Malbec – grown in the Bordeaux region of France, this too reflects the strong flavour of berries, plums and spices. This again goes very well with any kind of meat dish.
  2. Pinot Noir – the Burgundy region of France is originally responsible for the production of this wine type. Its unique flavourings makes it so special – the strawberry, tea leaves and worn leather are the different flavours.
  3. Zinfandelthe pure Californian wine it contains a versatile variety of grapes. You could even make white wine out of these grapes. Those who have tasted this are of the opinion that it tastes best with grilled meat.

The one reason that red is probably more preferred all over is the variants in its flavouring, but again those who prefer fruity flavours can always try the white wine which is all available easily. In fact, it is the white wine that is used in cooking more than the red one.

Nonetheless, both the wines are enjoyed by people all over the globe, depending to whatever each different palate prefers. Some like the rich, velvety texture of the more complexly flavoured red wine; while the others prefer to go with the simpler, lighter variety and enjoy the fermented taste of grapes and other berries in the white wine.

Some even say that the red wine is better for your health than the white one, but that again could be a preferential comment. These, comments, fortunately do not alter the likes and dislike of wine enthusiasts like Bennett Kireker . They just go for the one that they would want to indulge in at that particular time according to their mood.