7 Fun Things To Do While On A Camping Adventure

Camping is a total blast! Getting away from the daily routine is refreshing and there is plenty of time to get in touch with your adventure side.


Sometimes the close quarters, if you a big family, of a 6 person tent can get to you, but we bunched together some activities so you don’t have to stay couped up in your tents!

You can bring some excitement to your camping trip by thinking of some camping activities that will keep the family entertained and active right in the middle of the woods!

Be creative! The woods is your playground.

For all ages, here are some fun activities to get your adventures started for your next camping trip:

  1. Explore the hiking trails

While looking for the perfect trail, make sure that you choose a hiking trail that best fits the needs of the group. It is essential to choose a hike that everyone can enjoy an active workout together while experiencing the beautiful scenery! You can do your research by simply searching online, and find out which hiking trail would be the best fit for everyone. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and bring your hiking gear along.

  1. Boating

There is something about going into the refreshing cool water during your camping excursion that makes it so much fun! Whether you are a regular boater and have all your boating supplies, or you will be renting a boat, boating will definitely elevate everyone’s excitement for the next camping trip! Gather your friends and family together and make it an adventurous boat ride that will truly be a memorable experience.

  1. Biking

When biking during a camping trip, you are able to explore many parts of the countryside that usually aren’t seen through the local trails! Make sure to prepare with the right gear to be able to experience the biking trail at its fullest. Spend some time doing some research on other bikers experiences beforehand and use the advice they give, it can be quite helpful! Enjoy your time exploring and good luck!

  1. Play Outdoor Games

With so many games to choose from, it can be hard to decide if you are in the mood for a nature scavenger game or a giant game of Jenga! A good game is always a great way to get the family having some real outdoor fun. Feel free to create your own game that can make your gaming experience even more interesting! Whether you chose to play a game like hide and seek or cards, enjoying a family friendly game while camping makes for a great afternoon!

  1. Fishing

Catch you very first yellowtail in your campsite’s nearest lake! Many of the places available to camp have nearby lakes, so there is no need for traveling very far. A fun way to relax for people of all ages, fishing is a great experience that everybody must try once. It can also definitely be exciting catching your first fish, so be ready to get the job done and possibly be eating it for dinner as well!

  1. Quad Biking or Dirt Biking

If you have never gone quad-biking or dirt-biking, you are in for an adventurous ride! A great way to experience the outdoors and have an exciting adventure, riding a quad or dirt bike is a great time that everybody needs to try at least once. Though it may take a little while to feel comfortable on the bike, when you do its completely worth it and you will quickly be checking odd the sport off of your checklist!

  1. Explore the Nature around you

One of the best feelings in the world is when you are in a new place experiencing the beauty that surrounds you! Whether that is the tide pools that you find to be interesting creatures or simply climbing a mountain with a spectacular view, nature is beautiful and worth taking a moment to fully enjoy it.