Review about Freshforex Broker: Stay Away from Freshforex Fraud Broker

Although a lot of people have said that they have been able to profit from or they say so, the company have failed to fulfill the promises they made to me when it comes to the limits of my investment and ended up losing most of my money because of the lack of skill and experience not to mention their unprofessional way of talking to their clients.

Despite the impressive services and leverages endorsed on their website, I ended up losing my investment and blinded by the promising profits, I was not able to check if Freshforex is not a scam or not and if it is regulated and holds a legal license for operating.

Just a few weeks ago, I was trading on the pair USD/JPY to which i made around $1576.26 in profits. I decided to keep it in my account for a while before withdrawing but was shocked to receive an email a day later that my profits were forfeited due to conditions which can discussed to me through a call from my broker. I never heard from my broker again and tried endlessly to call and reach their support but always ended up either with someone whose head is out, or someone telling me to leave my details and wait for a callback in a few hours.

I emailed them so many times but was only met with we are looking into it answers. I already provided them with all the details of my account but my profits and whatever happened to it was never made any clearer to me. I was told that the huge profits I earned was already a sign that it was a fake and a scam.

For everyone look to trade with a new forex broker, just be cautious of Fresh forex because it is obviously a scam to me now and although trading poses a lot of risks please always take note of the brokers especially Freshforex who will just lose your money with their inexperienced staff and bad service.