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Should The Age For Juvenile Courts Be Increased?

Many young boys and girls commit crimes and they are known as juveniles in the eyes of law. In the USA, in 2012 there were approximately juveniles in the age group of 10-24 years in prison.  This was recorded in a Harvard Paper. The truth is that all these juveniles are not served uniformly by the same system. In the USA, the Juvenile Jaw Center states that rehabilitation of these young people is the major objective.

This is where the system differs from the criminal law of justice for other offenders. A juvenile is defined as a child who commits an act of crime and is below the age of 18 years. These children are tried by a different legal system that is separate from the system for adults above 18 years. Here, the difference in their age is not substantial however the results of committing the crime is.

A specialist speaks on the issue

Criminal justice specialist Adam Quirk says that in the year 2012, 130,000 young people in the age group of 18 years to 24 years were imprisoned in state and federal jails. This constituted about 21% of the prison admissions in the country. Vincent Shiraldi, Kendra Brader and Bruce Western, academics from the Harvard Kenny School in a paper suggested that the age of the criminal juvenile court be raised to 21 years. This diminished the projection of offenders aged 24 or 25 years.

Brain development of young adults equals that of an adolescent

They said that the brain development continues till the mid-20’s in human being. This was the basis of their neurobiology research. This is the part where the brain related to reasoning and control. They stated that the behavior of a young adult is still equal to that of an adolescent over mature adults. There have been some legal systems that have tried to make positive changes in the state and the federal levels.

San Francisco in this regard conducted a special training probation unit in 2009 to help adults in the age group of 18-25 years.  Again, famous New York Jail, Riker’s Island transferred 1000 inmates in the age group of 18-21 years to a facility that was tailor-made for them. This new facility offered classes,  five hours of behavioral therapy and counseling to the young inmates. There are still plans for them to do more for the prison inmates and formal plans are being created. These plans are well-researched and intended for the welfare for the juvenile delinquent.

Adam Quirk states that the Governor of Connecticut, Dannel Malloy said that the system has to look into the needs of juvenile delinquents even more. Young people need more guidance, counseling and classes. In other nations, abroad countries have incorporated juvenile courts meant for older adults. For instance, the age of a juvenile in Netherlands is 23 years and in Germany 21 years. America uses these nations as examples to create a positive change in the lives of young adults who fall prey to crime at an early age.

Review about Freshforex Broker: Stay Away from Freshforex Fraud Broker

Although a lot of people have said that they have been able to profit from or they say so, the company have failed to fulfill the promises they made to me when it comes to the limits of my investment and ended up losing most of my money because of the lack of skill and experience not to mention their unprofessional way of talking to their clients.

Despite the impressive services and leverages endorsed on their website, I ended up losing my investment and blinded by the promising profits, I was not able to check if Freshforex is not a scam or not and if it is regulated and holds a legal license for operating.

Just a few weeks ago, I was trading on the pair USD/JPY to which i made around $1576.26 in profits. I decided to keep it in my account for a while before withdrawing but was shocked to receive an email a day later that my profits were forfeited due to conditions which can discussed to me through a call from my broker. I never heard from my broker again and tried endlessly to call and reach their support but always ended up either with someone whose head is out, or someone telling me to leave my details and wait for a callback in a few hours.

I emailed them so many times but was only met with we are looking into it answers. I already provided them with all the details of my account but my profits and whatever happened to it was never made any clearer to me. I was told that the huge profits I earned was already a sign that it was a fake and a scam.

For everyone look to trade with a new forex broker, just be cautious of Fresh forex because it is obviously a scam to me now and although trading poses a lot of risks please always take note of the brokers especially Freshforex who will just lose your money with their inexperienced staff and bad service.

Why Do Corporate Enterprises Enter Into Mergers And Acquisitions?

In the corporate world, mergers and acquisition play a critical role in the growth and development of companies. Mergers take place when one company purchases another with the aim of becoming a larger business entity in the market environment, where it conducts its commercial activities.

On the other hand, acquisitions occur when one corporate enterprise takes over a similar establishment. This form of corporate consolidation is appealing to the investors of the individual companies that go through this process. This is because such corporate growth strategies go a long way in increasing or decreasing the value of their stock in these business entities besides affecting corporate taxes.

Reasons for Mergers and Acquisition

According to Robert Stefanowski , an expert of corporate mergers and acquisitions, there are a number of reasons for such corporate takeovers. However, the main reason behind such business consolidations is money. Large corporate enterprises are always looking out for opportunities to take over smaller companies that have a competitive edge in the marketplace.

This advantage may be due excellent brand recognition, large customer bases, vast distribution channels or superior technological innovation that set them apart from their competitors. In addition to this, such growth strategies help large business establishments achieve economies of scale, diversify risks and increase their share in the market place.


Mergers and acquisition can prove to be advantageous to all the parties that take part in this form of business consolidation. Larger corporate entities look for right set of circumstances to purchase small business enterprises so that they can expand their client base, retain employees and acquire new technologies. In addition to this, the company that comes into existence as result of this consolidation can strengthen its position in the market over its rivals. In many cases, such growth strategies also result in the change in the management of both organizations including the appointment or resignation of chief executive officers.


The type of transformations that will occur when two corporate enterprises merge depends on the kind of business consolidation that takes place. In general, business mergers come under the following categories:

  • Vertical

In this form of business consolidation, a corporate enterprise purchases a business organization that manufactures and sells products that compliments its own.

  • Horizontal

This type of business merge takes place between two companies that compete against each other in the market environment.

  • Conglomeration

This sort of business consolidation occurs when companies that produce and sell products that are neither substitutes nor compliments of each other.

  • Market-extension

A market-extension merger takes place when two corporate enterprises manufacturing and selling similar products in different market segments decide to combine.

  • Product-extension

A product-extension merger occurs when two companies producing identical products in the same market segment choose to come together to form a larger corporate entity.

Robert Stefanowski says the primary objective of any merger or acquisition between two corporate enterprises is to generate synergy that acts as a catalyst in enhancing the value of each individual business. This ultimately results in an increase in sales and profit margins.

An Organization That Is Changing The World Through Microfinance

People around the world who live below the poverty line have little access to kind of financial services that banks offer their clients to create assets and generate income. However, the proper management of the smallest asset like livestock can be important for such individuals who are living dismal conditions with very income, food and housing. To be able to overcome their grave economic conditions, they need to borrow, earn, save and invest.

Microfinance is an effective economic tool that helps the poorest of the poor in a society to become financially independent and live a life of dignity. Moreover, they also begin to contribute positively to the economic growth of their country.

An organization that is making a difference

Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation is a popular non-profit making charitable organization in America, which goes out of its way to help poor people around the world to fight poverty by giving them financial assistance. It is has been instrumental in changing the lives of millions of individuals living in bleak economic conditions to start afresh by becoming economically independent. Unlike other institutions who conduct philanthropic activities, the members of this foundation do not raise funds from the public.

This organization generates the resources it needs to finance its charitable activities through disposal of underutilized commercial properties under IRS Section 170 Bargain Sales transactions. In these transactions, companies sell such real estate assets at a price, which is below its fair market value, and claim the difference as a charitable donation. This helps the organization get the resources it needs to provide financial assistance to its borrowers in over 60 countries around the world.


The members of this foundation admit that not many people understand how the idea of microfinance works and it can help poor people overcome their poverty. They believe that lending out assistance in the form of a microloan to such individuals is convenient way to assist them in becoming financial independent. With the money, they can buy the necessary assets and raw materials, which they put to productive use to generate their income.

Many of these poor people even go to the extent of learning a particular profession to improve their livelihood with this money. These members go on to say that a microloan is a like a normal short-term that banks lends to its customers at times of need. Moreover, they further add that these loans also go a long way in safeguarding these people from corrupt moneylenders and institutions who take advantage of their situation.

An instrument to change people’s lives

The members of this foundation further highlight that the recovery rate on the short-term loans they lend out to their borrowers is as high as 99%. This is higher than the payback rate that commercial banks receive from their clients. In many cases, the foundation feels that providing financial assistance to such clients is a risk worth taking.

The experts from Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation further clarify that the amounts they lend out to poor people in the form of microloans may be small it offers them a chance to overcome their poverty and improve their economic conditions.

Your Voice Has The Power To Change Legislation!

Gone are the days when you had to wait ages for your voice to be heard in order to attain a specific objective. With the advent of technology and grassroots advocates, it is now possible for you to actually alter policy, regulation and legislation if you want. With the aid of grassroots advocacy, you have the ability to change and make a positive contribution to your organization and the community as a whole.

Grassroots advocates that care

Jack Bonner is the Founder of A2W – a reputed firm that has proven track- records of success to help their clients attain their objectives. They deal with a wide range of issues that range from reputation to crisis management. They also help clients when it comes to achieving their business to business, regulatory and legislative goals. He and his team of passionate and dedicated professionals help businesses to advance their causes for the benefit of society and all concerned.

His firm is a leading name in the USA when it comes to hiring trustworthy and credible grassroots advocacy professionals. He says that the third party technique is usually deployed in the arena of public relations in order to present the pros of an issue, association or a corporation.  His firm gets public support from a wide range of groups and organizations. His team educates them on the issue at hand and urges them to voice their opinions. In fact, the messenger is just as important as the message and the wider the support, the better it is.

When it comes to their clients, Mr. Bonner and his team listen to their needs. In fact, this is the primary step they take when it comes to fulfilling the objectives of their clients. The objectives are later used as a foundation for the development of the corporation or association. The professionals of the firm customize the campaign for their clients. Their main focus is winning. He states that his skilled teams of professionals are some of the best talents in the USA. They are creative and innovative when it comes to attaining the needs of their clients.

He also states that thanks to technology, it is simple for you to reach out to a larger population of people with the aid of social media. At just a click of a mouse, you effectively are able to make your voice heard and trigger off change in a policy, regulation or legislation he says!

Pros of working with a team of talented professionals

When you choose to work with the Jack Bonner A-2-W , you are selecting a professional firm with qualified experts in the field of third party advocacy. They manage your campaigns with detail and precision.  They have worked for many clients and have experience with Fortune 500 Companies, non-profit organizations, primary associations, businesses and other companies. Productive efforts have been conducted in primarily every state in the USA- no matter where you are, you can count on the experts here and ensure you get expertise work in your cause today!